Case study
Leading Parent Partnership Award
'It has encouraged us to challenge what we already do and to seek new ways of further developing our vital partnership with parents and carers'

'In the recent Ofsted inspection (2018) parent view survey, 94% of parents said they would recommend the school to other parents'

School Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Pupils 1473

Headteacher Mr Martyn Henson

Accreditation Leading Parent Partnership Award
06 Dec 2018

Whilst embarking on the LPPA started as an opportunity to provide Ofsted evidence and an endorsement of what we already had in place, it turned into a much greater examination and reflection of our practice at the school.

Nobel has always been an outward facing school having been involved in community cohesion work and as a hub for the extended school’s initiative. Completing the LPPA has cemented our belief that continuing to develop parental involvement is vital, and as a consequence, we have developed parental involvement to a point where it has ceased to be ‘bolt on’ to the school’s work, but instead has become the bolt!

Parents wanted to be able to raise issues to help make the school better, or at least have a platform to communicate more. They also wanted to give feedback and to know what the school’s response to issues was.

Since beginning the LPPA process there has been an increase in responses to the annual parental survey with 98% of parents agreeing or strongly agreeing that the overall experience at the school is goodl

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Staff are presenting as being happier and have seen a decrease in staff absences. The pupils are happy and engaged and are now able to recognise their feelings
as staff we have felt that one of our strengths has been the quality of our relationships with parents and the support that we offer has been a strength of our school
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The PSHE schemes of work were already in the process of being rewritten but WAS helped identify further strengths and areas for development