The Benefits
Dynamic planning
Actions to be taken for all KPIs can be easily created and updated online
Based on your Self-Evaluation Form
Automatically linked to your SEF ‘traffic light’ results so you can easily see which KPIs need prioritising
Delegate and monitor
Allocate tasks to colleagues and set a due date for work to be completed
How do they work?
Step 1: Plan
Enter an action (or actions) for each KPI, allocating members of staff to complete the work and ‘due by’ dates
Step 2: Do
Use the action plan as record of what tasks need to be done by when
Step 3: Review
Keep the action plan updated so you know when all tasks have been completed for each KPI


for coordinators who prefer an independent approach


Create your school action plan

Access the Awards team for process support

Drive the process of collecting evidence and preparing for accreditation

£1150 + VAT


for coordinators who prefer a supported approach


Work with an adviser to create your school action plan 

Receive regular email and telephone support from your adviser

Check your progress with an adviser-led interim visit and report

£3250 + VAT