SEND Inclusion Award

Improve outcomes for pupils with SEND

Create an inclusive environment where all pupils participate fully in school life.


Introducing the SEND Inclusion Award

This award helps schools deliver high-quality education for pupils with SEND. Compliant with the SEND Code of Practice, the award framework focuses on removing barriers to learning through early identification, inclusive teaching and leadership. It also allows you to evaluate impact to improve classroom practice and pupil outcomes.

What’s in the SEND Inclusion Award framework?

Identifying SEN
Use the graduated approach of ‘Assess, Plan, Do Review’ to successfully identify and work with pupils with SEND.
Pupil outcomes
Ensure effective everyday teaching and learning for SEND pupils across the school.
Create strong and effective leadership and management of SEND provision.
Professional development
Commit to high-quality, on-going training, coaching and mentoring for all staff across the school.
Pupil and parental engagement
Involve pupils and parents in decisions about SEND provision and support.
Demonstrate that your provision complies with the SEND Code of Practice and other key legislation.

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