About the Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award

Offering a framework for the strategic management of teaching assistants' work, the Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award helps you to evaluate and recognise the valuable and increasingly complex role of teaching assistants in pupil achievement.

The award helps you to work more effectively with your teaching assistants to support pupils' attainment and well-being across all areas of the school.

Through a process of self-evaluation, action planning for improvement and evidence collection, school leaders will discover ways to support the work of teaching assistants, maximising their impact to benefit the whole school.



  • Professional development

    Develop and facilitate CPD opportunities for teaching assistants, linked to a robust appraisal system and the priorities of the school.

  • Recognise expertise

    Work with teaching assistants' particular skills, talents and expertise to develop the learning and progress of pupils.

  • Preparation

    Promote collaborative approaches, including planning and feedback, that prepare teaching assistants to support pupil progress.

  • Impact

    Ensure management systems effectively promote children's progress through the work of teaching assistants.

  • Classroom practice

    Promote teaching and learning through effective classroom practice and interventions.

  • Induction

    Create clear induction policies, job descriptions and line management for teaching assistants.

Steps to Achieving an Award

  • Self-evaluation

    Evaluate your current provision against the award framework.

  • Practical action planning

    Work with the award framework to create and implement your school’s Action Plan.

  • Portfolio building

    Collect evidence to meet the award framework.

  • Verification

    External review of the school's evidence against the award framework.

  • Accreditation

    Receive your award and celebrate your school’s achievement!

  • Reassessment

    Ensure that school improvement is sustainable and continuous.


for coordinators who prefer an independent approach


Create your school action plan

Access the Awards team for process support

Drive the process of collecting evidence and preparing for accreditation

£1150 + VAT


for coordinators who prefer a supported approach


Work with an adviser to create your school action plan 

Receive regular email and telephone support from your adviser

Check your progress with an adviser-led interim visit and report

£3250 + VAT