The Benefits
Shared ownership
They involve different members of the school community and encourage these members to share
Action planning
They gather specific information that is directly aligned with the award objectives and inform your action planning
Evidence, challenge and confirm
They provide a means of ‘triangulation’ of evidence, challenging or confirming the scores in the School Self-Evaluation
How do they work?
Step 1: Send
Send evaluation forms to your key stakeholders (stakeholders complete the form anonymously and no personal information is stored)
Step 2: View results
Collated results are displayed in easy-to- read reports. Results can be viewed by stakeholder type or in a collated view, and can be downloaded and printed
Step 3: Actions
Use the results to determine areas which need improvement and action
Available Now
Parent Evaluation Forms
Staff Evaluation Forms
Pupil Evaulation Forms
Parent Evaluation Forms
Teacher Evaluation Forms
Pupil Evaulation Forms

Coming soon

The stakeholder evaluation forms and reports will be available soon for the Leading Parent Partnership Award, the Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award and the Effective School Governance Award


for coordinators who prefer an independent approach


Create your school action plan

Access the Awards team for process support

Drive the process of collecting evidence and preparing for accreditation

£1150 + VAT


for coordinators who prefer a supported approach


Work with an adviser to create your school action plan 

Receive regular email and telephone support from your adviser

Check your progress with an adviser-led interim visit and report

£3250 + VAT