Case study
Wellbeing Award for Schools
'With anxieties taken away, pupils are more focused in class and therefore achieve well academically.'

'Staff confidence and satisfaction has grown tremendously.'

School Woodford Green, Essex

Pupils 381

Headteacher Mr Jonathan P Wadge

Accreditation Wellbeing Award for Schools
28 Mar 2022

Starting the award just prior to the pandemic certainly made it challenging, but it also highlighted the crisis surrounding wellbeing and emphasised the importance of talking about emotions and finding ways of regulating our emotions. As a school, we are in a far stronger position that we were 3 years ago and the Wellbeing Award for Schools feels like a fitting embodiment of the commitment the school has shown to its pupils, staff and parents wellbeing.

A happy child will thrive, and in listening to pupils about their choices and putting into action things that they have requested they feel heard and appreciated. For example, we have a dedicated counselling room now which is used by our pupils, as well as the learning support room which is used by our learning support mentor. All pupils know who they can speak to and feel that they will be listened to taken seriously. With anxieties taken away, pupils are more focused in class and therefore achieve well academically.

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'The journey has meant that our students, the most important stakeholders in any educational setting, now benefit from the best possible provision'
I feel that going through the award has slowly changed the attitude of many of the Teaching Assistants
As staff we have felt that one of our strengths has been the quality of our relationships with parents and the support that we offer has been a strength of our school