What our awards offer

Formal recognition that a school has met – and can evidence – very high standards of provision and practice.
School improvement
Strategies and interventions that bring about positive change and improve pupil outcomes.
Whole-school approach
Involve the wider community and relevant stakeholders – such as parents, pupils and staff – in the change process.

Our range of awards

Wellbeing Award for Schools
Promote emotional wellbeing and mental health across your school
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Excellence in Pupil Development Award
Develop pupil skills that last a lifetime
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Effective School Governance Award
Take your school governance to the next level
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Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award
Maximise the impact of teaching assistants across your school
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Leading Parent Partnership Award
Develop positive relationships with parents
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SEND Inclusion Award
Improve outcomes for pupils with SEND
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Steps to achieving an award

2. Action planning
3. Porfolio building
4. Verification
5. Accreditation
6. Reassessment
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Action planning
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Portfolio building
  • Collect evidence to meet the award framework
  • Showcase your achievements and successes
  • Store evidence online or compile your own folder
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  • Arrange an in-school visit with a trained award verifier
  • Collaboratively assess your achievements
  • Demonstrate how you have achieved each KPI
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  • Time to celebrate and share your achievements
  • Receive a certificate of achievement valid for three years
  • Continue your great work post-accreditation
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  • Apply for reassessment after three years
  • Demonstrate sustained progress and impact
  • Renew your accreditation for three more years
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'By undertaking the LPPA, we have been able to increase parental involvement and have had a significantly positive impact on the community within school'

Mrs Sarah Morgan, Headteacher
Danesfield School
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Case studies

How our awards have impacted whole-school communities

Case Studies

Read about our successful schools and the impact of our awards

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We were supported the whole way through the process and had someone available from whom to seek advice when needed
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The Wellbeing Award has been an invaluable, independent validation of our approach to the development of a health and wellbeing strategy that underpins all we do
In the recent Ofsted inspection (2018) parent view survey, 94% of parents said they would recommend the school to other parents