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Effective School Governance Award

Take your school governance to the next level

Validate the impact and effectiveness of your governing board in driving school improvement.


Introducing the Effective School Governance Award

Outstanding schools have outstanding governors. The award framework is based on nine elements that address the Ofsted criteria for Effectiveness of Leadership and Management. This will equip your governing board with the tools to hold senior leadership teams to account and support positive outcomes for pupils and staff.

What’s in the Effective School Governance Award framework?

Challenge the headteacher and senior leaders to drive improvements in pupils’ learning, behaviour and safety.
Engage with key stakeholders to strengthen school leadership.
Financial oversight
Ensure the school’s financial resources are managed effectively to improve teaching and learning.
Performance management
Use performance management systems effectively to support and improve teaching, leadership and management.
Statutory responsibilities
Operate so all statutory duties are fulfilled, including safeguarding.
Ensure that the school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction.

This award is available only through the school-led approach, but additional adviser days can be booked to support the award process if required.

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